How You Can Maintain your office Paper Shredder

Most of the paper shredders available in the market do not have any maintenance requirements. Ho, a few basic things help your shredder to work in top condition for a longer time. We have listed three excellent ways that let you to maintain your shred in optimal condition for years.

Remove the clutter:

This is the most simple and easiest way to take care of your shredder. You have to remove the debris from the cutting heads periodically as the paper particles would get collected between the cutting blades. If this debris is not removed, it may result in lots of problems such as reduced functionality and poor performance. Moreover, the debris makes it harder for the motor to work and so, the machine gets overheated even when run for a short time. Frequent overheating shortens the lifetime of the machine. It is not necessary to clean the debris by your hands. All you need is to operate the paper shredder in reverse simply for 30 minutes. By this way, a huge amount of dust particles get collected and in turn, ensures better performance.

Oil the machine:

The machine should be oiled frequently to save its lifetime. If you oil the shredder, it can keep the cutting heads of the machine lubricated and operated in top condition. It will not be daunting to oil the machine and can be done within one or two minutes. Based on the kind of machine you are using, you have to squeeze out a few drops of shredder oil in the zig zag pattern and then allow the machine to run in reverse for a short while. Of course, the paper shredders of latest models are equipped with self oiling system. In that case, you have to make sure that the oil bottle is full and must be replaced when becomes empty. These shredders feature a warning light that indicate if the bottle best quality Kores Paper Shredderhas to be replaced.

Run Time:

If your shredder is not rated for continual operation, then you must not run the machine for longer time. It should be switched off as soon the determine time is over. This helps the machine from getting overheated. Even the machine recommended for continuous usage should be given some rest at regular interval. If you operate the machine exceeding the recommended run time, then your machine stops working automatically. This also reduces the lifetime of paper shredder machine. The recommended run time of your paper shredder machine will be given in the manual or you can gather a few basic details from the store where you have purchased it.

Most of the high quality paper shredder machine comes with thermal protection which will automatically sense the overrunning of the machine and shut it down to protect it from malfunctioning.